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Personal Reflections on Managing Redundancies Well

We’re in challenging economic times, and we know that businesses are grappling with tough decisions about costs and expenses and unfortunately that can mean the dreaded R-word: redundancies. Our team recently discussed our experiences of managing redundancies within previous organisations, our clients’ organisations, and our personal experience of being made redundant and our first-hand knowledge of the fear, confusion and anger that is felt. Here are some personal lessons we have learned, real-life examples, and tips to help you navigate redundancies with empathy and respect.

How to dismiss an employee  

Running a business can be really stressful. Especially when you’ve got an employee that’s causing you lots of issues. As an employer, it’s likely that at some point you might feel that it would be better for everybody to let an employee go. And in some cases, this might be the right decision. However, there […]

How to resolve workplace conflict

Here is your ultimate guide to resolving conflict positively at work If you think about it, conflict is a natural part of day-to-day life. It’s normal, healthy and… inevitable. But so many people are really bad at managing it. The thought of addressing something or confronting someone really stresses people out.

2023 Employee Checklist

Your 2023 Employee checklist You know how important it is to look after your employees, but as a busy business owner you might find that it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your priority list. Why not let 2023 be the year you get this sorted, and have peace of mind knowing you, your […]