Grievance Investigations

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Our client had been conducting a disciplinary and was then faced with the dilemma of investigating a grievance related to the disciplinary. Our client was already stretched at this time and needed support.

The Client’s Needs

Our client had to investigate the grievance related to the health and wellbeing of the employee as quickly as possible. Speed was of the essence to enable them to move forward with the disciplinary process and, more importantly, resolve matters for the employee. We were brought in to support our client with this difficult and complex situation, and to provide our objective, practical and knowledgeable approach.

Our Solution

We provided our client with a dedicated investigator to discover and examine the facts surrounding the allegations to establish the truth. The investigator used our detailed investigation methodology, including conducting interviews with the employee who had made the complaint, the respondents, and the witnesses, and compiling a report with her findings.

To ensure that we were able to capture everything we applied the following process:

  • Terms of Reference to establish the complaint(s)
  • Identification of the individuals the complaint was related to and any witnesses
  • Creation of an Investigation Plan to ensure we captured all the necessary information such as documents, meetings, timelines of events, etc. related to the grievance.
  • A schedule of interviews for all the witnesses with prepared questions.
  • Internal review of all the policies related to the complaint and all historical documents including emails.

Once the investigator had completed the interviews and was satisfied that she had gathered all the information she required, she provided our client with her findings and observations.

This was a lengthy, and sensitive situation for our client but by using our expertise in dealing with this difficult employee situation, we provided the client with a resolution, and the client was able to take on board any recommendations to improve employee relations going forward.

Albany HR can deliver results you may not even be thinking about because our approach offers an impartial expert led methodology for all employee investigations using up to date legal knowledge and dedicated time to focus on the task.