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Holiday Planning

Holiday Planning Top Tips for Employers and Small Businesses. Planning effectively for the summer holidays is crucial to ensure smooth operations, satisfied employees, and sustained business performance. Here’s our guide to help navigate the summer season efficiently.

Which HR Policies are Essential and Why?

Having essential HR policies in place protects your business, strengthens your employer brand, and fosters a positive work environment. However, navigating the legalities and best practices for HR policies can be complex. This blog will guide you through the key HR policies you need, explaining why they are and what they should cover.

People Management and its link to Productivity

CIPD report on People management and Productivity supports investing in high performance working principles in the workplace to improving an organisation’s productivity. Businesses which have structured management support are more resilient.

July 2024 Newsletter

Why you should have a company handbook and how we can help | Silence is not golden: Over half of UK job seekers don't hear back | Flexible Working - how can you keep it on your terms?

The business owner’s guide to why you should have a handbook for your company

Think of a handbook as your company’s go-to manual – it is the cornerstone of your workplace resources, containing all the vital information and guiding principles of your business in one central resource. A great company handbook facilitates clear communication, ensures a cohesive employee experience and streamlines the onboarding process for your new joiners. It […]

June 2024 Newsletter

Your most powerful tool as a business owner | Easing the Work-Life load for Deliveroo drivers A pain in the neck (and back) for UK Workers How to celebrate Pride Month without corporate “rainbow washing”

How to conduct an employee survey

10 easy steps for you to follow An employee survey is one of the most powerful tools you can use as a business leader. What you think is going on vs what is actually going on can often be two very different things – and employee surveys can help you to bridge this gap with […]

May 2024 Newsletter

Flexible work arrangements are here to stay | Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace | 20% of neurodivergent workers have experienced workplace discrimination | What type of company culture does your workplace have?

Health & Safety For Workers Visiting Client Premises

As the Armour team spends most of their time travelling up and down the UK, we are very familiar with the Health & Safety implications for workers attending client sites where the employer has little control over site operations. In this blog, we will look at some key considerations and possible solutions.

Personal Reflections on Managing Redundancies Well

We’re in challenging economic times, and we know that businesses are grappling with tough decisions about costs and expenses and unfortunately that can mean the dreaded R-word: redundancies. Our team recently discussed our experiences of managing redundancies within previous organisations, our clients’ organisations, and our personal experience of being made redundant and our first-hand knowledge of the fear, confusion and anger that is felt. Here are some personal lessons we have learned, real-life examples, and tips to help you navigate redundancies with empathy and respect.

Why You Need HR Policies and Procedures

HR policies and procedures play a pivotal role in shaping a company's culture, maintaining compliance, and ensuring fair and consistent treatment of employees. We explore the significance of HR policies, the main policies every company should have, and the importance of keeping them up to date.

The employer’s quick guide to effective recruitment

Recruitment is a bit of a nightmare at the moment. There are loads of jobs out there but not enough people to fill them. And the employee’s mindset has completely changed since COVID. We’re now in a candidate driven market, which makes hiring your next employee more time consuming, difficult and costly. That’s why we’ve […]