HR Policy Development and Design

HR Policy Development and Design

In today’s dynamic business landscape, with ever changing employment legislation, it is critical to have up to date HR policies which reflect your organisations processes and are understood by employees. A national employer determined that their existing HR policies needed to be updated and the look of them refreshed to keep pace with the growing and evolving business. The employer was keen to have new policies which support the needs of both managers and employees. Recognising the need for an effective and modern HR framework to complement their continued growth and changing workforce, the organisation sought a comprehensive solution.

The Client’s Needs

For several years, our client recognised the need to update their HR policies. However, limited resources and competing priorities made policy development and revision an ongoing struggle for the team. This resulted in policies which were hindering employee understanding and engagement while requiring urgent updates and amendments in order to keep up with changes in legislation.

The HR leadership team sought to reduce the workload through streamlined HR policies which improved clarity and created user-friendly policies that are easy for employees to understand and follow. This had to be balanced with a design that allows employees to find information easily and independently.

Our Solution

At the beginning we conducted a comprehensive gap analysis of all existing HR policies. This analysis identified areas in need of revision and highlighted any missing policies. Based on the findings, we recommended a tailored policy development project plan that included both updates and the addition of new policies beneficial to the organisation. We proactively addressed emerging needs by developing two additional policies as they became necessary.

In collaboration with members of the HR team and a marketing colleague, our experienced HR Consultant created a user-friendly policy template. This template ensured consistent formatting, branding, and accessibility across all HR policies, directly supporting the HR team’s objective of clarity.

To ensure the policies were legally compliant, aligned with company values, HR goals, and addressed employee interests, Albany HR maintained close contact with the HR department throughout the project. This collaborative approach fostered a deep understanding of the client’s unique needs and business complexities.


The user-friendly layout and consistent language in the new policies enhance employee comprehension and compliance. Managers are actively building their confidence in using the policies and knowing where to find support. The HR team has a set of up-to-date and fit-for-purpose policies, ensuring legal compliance and supporting a positive and collaborative work environment.

Key Takeaways

  • A well-defined plan with scope to work on additional priorities helps to proactively address evolving needs.
  • Investing in clear and consistent HR policies empowers employees and fosters a more positive work environment.
  • Collaboration between marketing and HR departments can significantly enhance the effectiveness and impact of HR policies.

This case study demonstrates how Albany HR’s expertise and collaborative approach can help companies of all sizes overcome challenges related to HR policy development and create a more efficient and effective system for managing their workforce.