Albany HR offers Interim Support for a Growing Technology Company

Interim HR Case Study


Albany HR partnered with a growing technology company, providing interim HR support during a critical period of expansion and transition. Our role encompassed the implementation and launch of a new HR software system, conducting a comprehensive HR audit, supporting the integration of the new Head of HR, and handling general HR queries. This case study details our approach, activities, and the positive impact of our services on the company.


Our client has experienced rapid growth and now has clear strategic objectives to continue expanding in the future. However, the senior leadership team faced several HR challenges, including the urgent need for a robust way of managing employee data and reporting. Lacking the expertise and resources to address these HR needs internally, they enlisted Albany HR to ensure smooth HR operations during this transitional phase and to lay a solid foundation for future HR activities.

Our remit

  • Implement a new HR software system and ensure its successful launch.

Albany HR took charge of the HR software implementation project, ensuring that all details were uploaded to the system correctly and testing of data took place. We communicated messages about the new system to employees and managers, including information regarding the change in the holiday year. Additionally, we provided support to employees and managers on launch day and continued this support until the new Head of HR started.

    • Conduct a HR audit to identify immediate concerns and priorities for the next 12 months.

    Understanding the company’s HR priorities was crucial for future planning. Albany HR conducted an extensive HR audit, which included a comprehensive review of all current practices, policies, procedures, and systems. This was followed by a gap analysis to identify areas for improvement and prioritise their urgency. Our consultant provided a detailed report outlining key priorities and actionable recommendations for the following 12 months.

    • Support the integration of the new Head of HR.

    The induction of the new Head of HR was vital for the company’s ongoing success. Albany HR supported this transition by assisting with the onboarding process to ensure the new Head of HR had all the information and resources needed. Sharing insights from the HR audit and ongoing projects to provide a comprehensive overview of the current HR landscape.

    • Manage general HR queries until the new Head of HR assumed the role.

    Until the new Head of HR was fully onboarded, Albany HR managed general HR queries, ensuring uninterrupted HR support. This included handling routine HR tasks such as creating contracts, inputting new employees into the HR system and an expert people management support for managers.

    Albany HR maintained our relationship with the client by providing support on a pay and grading structure suited to the organisation, and guidance during the company’s transition to a new pension provider, with the introduction of pension salary sacrifice.

    Outcomes and Impact

    Albany HR’s interim support had a significant positive impact on the technology company:

    The new HR software system was implemented smoothly, improving efficiency and data management. The HR audit provided a strategic roadmap, helping the company focus on key HR priorities for the next 12 months. The new Head of HR integrated quickly and effectively, thanks to our comprehensive support and knowledge transfer. The company experienced uninterrupted HR operations, maintaining stability during a period of significant change.


    Albany HR’s interim support was instrumental in ensuring the technology company navigated its growth phase smoothly. By implementing a new HR software system, conducting a thorough HR audit, supporting the integration of the new Head of HR, and managing general HR queries, we provided the company with a solid foundation for future HR success. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering tailored, effective HR solutions during critical transitional periods and our ability to slot effectively into an organisation and support their strategic and operational people management needs.