Launching A New HRIS System

Staff standing round a new computer for HRIS system

A Scottish charity requested our support with implementing a new HR management information system (HRIS). After many years of using an old and inefficient HRIS system, our client was ready to launch a new system to enhance the support to its employees, managers, and HR. Our consultant collected the essential data to import into the system, tested features to make sure the system would effectively support our client and carried out checks to ensure the accuracy of the data prior to uploading onto the new system.  We also customised the system to reflect the needs of our client.

When Data is the Problem

Our client had an existing HRIS system which was no longer fit for purpose. The data in the system was unreliable and often incorrect. Our client relied on being able to get data from the system and was frustrated with having to spend considerable time correcting reports generated from it. Approval was provided for the implementation of a new system and a corresponding data cleanse to ensure it would be off most use going forward. The client chose BambooHR as the new HRIS system and one of our talented consultants got to work understanding the system, the needs of our client and preparing for implementation.

Let’s Implement a New HRIS

Introducing an effective HRIS can save an organisation time and money by helping you to:

  • -Manage HR administration tasks efficiently,
  • -Provide and store accurate and up to date employee data
  • -Produce reliable reports to help you manage your employees, and your business more effectively.

Most systems now allow employee and manager self-service capability which provides an element of control and oversight to employees on their own personal data and reduces the time HR must spend on administration. Once a system is up and running managers have access to everything from up-to-date reports, approving time off, scheduling performance reviews and so much more. BambooHR, and Breathe HR, as examples of HRIS providers we currently work with, can support new employees into the organisation with recruitment, document storage, profile set up and e-signatures.

Our client had the support of our consultant from the initial discussion stage through to the launch of BambooHR.  In addition, we provided post implementation debrief sessions and supporting updates as and when required. The most time-consuming part of a system implementation is getting all the data into the system so that you can use it to its full advantage, and we can support firms with this. In this instance, we supported the client by gathering the essential data to import into the system and uploading it into the right format.

We tested features to make sure the system would support our client with what they required and continued testing to ensure the accuracy of the data being input. We also customised the system to meet the needs of our client. In the end our client had a system ready for launch day, with supporting employee and manager communications to ensure the implementation went smoothly.

Employee working on computer with new HRIS system

The Result

Our client had a new HRIS system put in place and ready to launch within six weeks which was ideal in terms of their timings for their annual pay review. Our client was able to easily upload all the pay review data to the new system and send personalised communications to each employee – all of which was completed within one morning. Previously this would have been a manual process which have taken days.

Albany HR can dedicate time to implementing a HR system for you with a quick and efficient turnaround. We ensure the quality of data, that the system will meet your needs and its readiness for you to use from the date you decide to launch. We spend the time analysing the data and uploading the data into the new system for you and support you when it is ready to be launched to the organisation. We can even create the communication strategy for you and write the communications too.

Our client is extremely happy with the service Albany HR provided and with their new HRIS system, Bamboo HR. We continue to work with this client on new and exciting projects as they continue to grow and develop as an organisation supporting people throughout Scotland.