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Our client, who had recently created a new Executive Team, had asked for our support to design, and facilitate a leadership away day to support the team’s integration, as well as enabling the team to gain a greater understanding of each other’s roles within the organisation and allow them to agree how the team could effectively work together going forward.

The Client’s Needs

The team, made up of individuals with a mix of short and long tenure within the organisation, were each placed in this newly created executive team. They needed to understand what makes a team truly effective and to ensure they could trust each other and set up their own Team Charter to help them work together and support the vision for the organisation going forward. It was important to the client that the organisation’s values were incorporated into this day as guiding principles for the team to work with on an on-going basis.

Our Solution

Initially, Albany HR worked closely with the Human Resources Director, asking key questions to establish what was required to design a productive event and facilitate a pivotal day for the team. Through discussions, we identified the needs of the team, their roles, and any observations the HRD had of the team on what was required. As well as gaining an understanding of their personalities and team types. Using data on the team’s strengths, we created an agenda for the day using specific leadership tools and our expertise to design an effective leadership team away day.

At the event, Albany HR supported the team by reinforcing the organisation’s values and the importance of having a good foundation of trust through a range of exercises. All of which mirrored the organisation’s values. With the assistance of our facilitator, we enabled the team to establish what they needed to take them forward. Working as a group they produced ideas, observations, and thoughts to create their own Team Charter; a living document, to support them on their journey to becoming a cohesive, successful team.

The Albany HR facilitator successfully engaged the team throughout the day, and we recorded all the outputs from the team. This was shared with the MD and HRD to keep as records of the event and to continue to develop as a leadership tool for the team.

Albany HR can deliver results you may not even be thinking about because our approach offers an impartial expert led review with fresh perspectives and dedicated time to focus on the task.

Comments from the team included ‘It was obvious just how much you had listened to us during the day from your observations when you summarised parts of the day’ and ‘You adapted to our needs during the day making it flow well and allow us to really get to know each other.’