Reorganise restructure office

Re-organise and Re-structure

A public sector organisation requested our support to review their senior leadership teams’ areas of responsibility and suggest any beneficial changes. Our client is keen to ensure the organisational structure is fit for the future and capable of operating at maximum efficiency, whilst offering a high quality of service to the public.

The Client’s Needs

During the pandemic, the organisation grew in terms of the services it delivered and had resulting increases in headcount with several changes to its senior team. Post pandemic a review was required to ensure the organisations ability to continue to deliver on the mission and vision. It was considered that there may be a lack of balance and fairness in the senior leadership’s areas of responsibility and that this had the potential to impact on the effectiveness of the organisation.

The Solution

We were tasked with reviewing the senior leaders’ areas of responsibility to suggest alternative organisational structures which were in line with good practice both within the sector and externally, and included, recommendations for implementation. As part of the review, we conducted meetings with stakeholders at different levels within the organisation.

Our consultants also carried out research on other relevant sector bodies to find out how comparable organisations structured their key functions and responsibilities. From this research our consultants could confidently identify where improvements could be made for our client and subsequently create a report with recommendations on options for proposed new structures.

By using external consultants with key skills in organisational design, our client was given insight into a wider range of possibilities with recommendations best suited for the organisation and their future ambitions. Utilising independent consultants has the benefit of ensuring the impartiality of a review.  Our focus is on delivering the best service and recommendations for our clients.

Our client has started to implement the changes and already they can see improvement in their day-to-day work, and in the balance of responsibilities.

We can suggest options you may not even have considered because our approach offers an impartial review with fresh perspectives and dedicated time to focus on the task.