Teamwork is Dreamwork – Encouraging Team Loyalty

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Loyalty is a big deal. It’s also something that isn’t always valued until it’s gone. But this doesn’t have to be the case with your team.

When it comes to looking after your employees, you must think about the long-term as well as the right-now.

Developing loyalty can take time and careful investment, so what can you do to boost the loyalty that your people show towards your business?

  1. 1. Help Your Employees Achieve.

Helping your people to start thinking about their personal and professional development can be a key step in creating a better sense of wellbeing in your workplace.

Helping your people to create goals around their personal and professional development will demonstrate your investment in them and in turn boost their loyalty to you, and their motivation to achieve.

  1. 2. Offer Flexibility.

Can you be more flexible in how your employees work for you? It’s amazing what a difference some small and personalised amendments to working hours can make to your teams.

While we’ve all become used to a more flexible way of working over the last few years, have you managed to hang on to any of the benefits that your people loved the most after lockdown restrictions were eased? Can they work from home instead of the office sometimes? Are you open to your employees working later in the evening instead of early morning, so they can attend a gym class, or take their children to school?

It might seem like a small thing for you, but for your employees it is these little acknowledgements of their lives and commitments that make them feel that they are a trusted, valued and appreciated part of your team. And when you’re showing them that trust, they will return the gesture with increased loyalty and commitment.

Of course, it’s not always possible for everyone on your team to have flexible working, but is there another adjustment that you could make for those people? How could you help them to reach a better work/life balance instead? Can you offer an earlier finish on a Friday or an additional day’s holiday.

  1. 3. Listen To Your Team.

One of the most important things you can do as a leader is listen to your employees.

Listening to their ideas, suggestions, concerns and complaints can help to keep everyone feeling engaged, motivated, and of course, more productive in their roles.

Why? Because they feel heard and they feel like their voice matters, which is important for everyone’s happiness.

The more supported your people feel in work, the more motivated and productive they will be. Listening really does benefit everyone.

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