How to delegate your HR

Delegate HR

HR is a big part of any business with employees.

It includes managing the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment, hiring and onboarding, to training, disciplining, and firing. Not to mention payroll, policies, keeping records, and managing benefits.

It’s a big job, and if you’re currently doing it yourself alongside your day-to-day tasks, you might be struggling. Or worse, missing something out.

Have you considered delegating your business’ HR duties?

You’ve got a few different options available to you, all of which would free up your time to focus on other things, like growing your business!

Your first option is to retrain one of your employees to handle your HR. This might take a while, and will take someone away from their usual tasks, but you have the benefit of trusting someone who already understands your business and knows your people.

You may decide to hire someone to do the role internally. This means hiring someone full or part time to take over your HR function. The benefit of this is that you have someone whose sole purpose is to handle all things HR. However, it’s another salary you’ll need to pay, and one person alone may not have all the skills you need in an HR department.

Another option is to outsource your HR to an external company. The benefits of this can be huge. Usually, it’s a far more cost-effective way of handling your HR. And for less than the cost of a full time employee, you’ll have access to many different HR professionals, all with different skills and areas of expertise.

You can choose to outsource to a national HR provider, who will have hundreds of HR professionals working with them, or a smaller independent team. The benefits of choosing an independent company include working with a team that you get to know and who gets to know you and your business, bespoke information and advice, and the personal touch. A larger outfit may have more manpower, but it’s rare you’ll deal with the same advisor, and the advice you receive will be standardised.

If outsourcing your HR is something you’ve been considering, let’s talk. Give me a call to arrange a conversation about how my team can help you.

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