How to make Leadership and Executive Coaching effective

Using feedback from my clients, I’ve been reflecting on how to make coaching for current and future leaders really effective and worthwhile.

As a coach, I know that it’s just as important for me to plan and prepare for coaching assignments as it is for my clients. A greater amount of planning for us both upfront focuses my clients on the results they want to achieve, and the timescales they want to achieve them within.

Once we’ve identified their goals, objectives and actions they are committing to, I ask my clients to write these down, so we both have a framework against which to evaluate progress both during and at the end of the coaching assignment.  I also suggest that they complete a reflection note after each session to consolidate their thinking.

For a business owner or leader, finding time for your own self-development can be a challenge but it’s interesting to note that the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has identified through their research that coaching is one of the most effective learning and development activities.

The current pandemic has brought a host of difficulties and challenges for already busy leaders and executives to deal with and support their employees and organisations through.  Examples of situations where coaching can help include:

  • developing a more strategic outlook
  • handling conflict situations so that they are resolved effectively
  • dealing with the impact of change on your role

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