1. Get the best out of your people

We help you engage your employees and empower them to become your competitive advantage. When your employees have good quality jobs, and are well managed, they’ll be happier, more productive and effective — and more likely to drive invaluable benefits for your organisation.

How we help:

Job design

We can help with job design by analysing the organisations goals, structure, and workflow to develop efficient and effective job roles. Our consultants can conduct job analysis, identify essential tasks, responsibilities, and qualifications for each position. We will work with you to create well-defined job descriptions, outlining clear expectations and performance indicators for all roles. A strong job design can optimise productivity, employee satisfaction, and organisational success.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement can be supported by conducting comprehensive assessments to identify the drivers and barriers to engagement within the organisation. We can work with you to design and administer employee surveys gather employee opinions and sentiments. Based on the findings, we can develop tailored strategies and initiatives to improve employee engagement, such as implementing recognition programs, promoting work-life balance, fostering a positive organisational culture, and providing opportunities for professional development. By leveraging our expertise in employee engagement practices we can work towards enhancing employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Recognition and reward

Having a reward strategy and framework can help ensure that employees act in line with the values of your organisation and drive their performance in line with the behaviours and culture you want for your organisation. We can help you with recognition schemes, salary and benefits benchmarking, pay and grading frameworks and job evaluation.

Employee relations

Employee voice is a key driver of engagement in an organisation. Conversely, conflict management can be a drain on management time and effort. Having a structured approach to good two way communication helps ensure expectations from both the employee and employer side are met, and the psychological contract is met. We can help with setting up and running employee forums, dealing with trade unions effectively and well, and promoting a good employee relations climate.

Employee wellbeing

Its increasing important for employers to take active steps to promote employee wellbeing both in and out of work. Done well, this will assist in the prevention of stress, as well as creating positive working environments where individuals and organisations can really thrive. Good physical and mental health and financial wellbeing can be positive enablers of employee engagement and organisational performance. We can help with training, wellbeing policies, and wellbeing strategies.

HR policies & employment contracts

HR policies and contracts serve as essential frameworks for establishing clear expectations, rights, and responsibilities for both the organisation and its employees.

Albany HR can ensure your documents are compliant, align with your company values and follow industry best practice. In the contract and HR policies the aim is to promote fairness, compliance, while also protecting the interests of all parties involved.