2. Manage tough situations

Managing people doesn’t always go smoothly. It can be tricky to stay up-to-date with legal requirements and mistakes can be costly. We’ll make sure your policies and procedures are easily understood, in line with your values, and legally compliant. And, when you have a difficult situation to manage, we’ll help you and your team take the best course of action.

How we help:


How do you handle a employee grievance?

A employee may raise a complaint or problem to their employer and you can try and manage this informally if possible. The employee may decide they want this dealt with formally and you should check your grievance procedure on how to proceed. Albany HR can help you to navigate the process or we can conduct the grievance on your behalf – ensuring impartiality in the process and outcome. The grievance will need to be investigated, a grievance hearing should be held and this may lead to other investigation meetings with other employees. Finally a decision or outcome will be made and this should be communicated to the employee.

Disciplinary handling

How to handle disciplinary issues in the workplace?

Any disciplinary process should follow a fair and consistent approach. Begin by conducting a thorough investigation to gather evidence and assess the situation objectively. Inform the employee in writing that they must attend a disciplinary hearing, with the misconduct allegation and evidence outlined. At the hearing you should clearly communicate the concerns, allow the employee to provide their side of the story, and consider any mitigating factors. Based on the findings, determine appropriate disciplinary actions, ensure proper documentation throughout the process, provide support for improvement if applicable, and allow the employee the opportunity to appeal the decision. Throughout the process you must follow your internal disciplinary process.

Absence management

Are you looking for support to measure your absence rates or to manage short-term or long-term absences? We can help by developing effective policies and procedures for managing employee absences. Provide guidance on establishing clear absence reporting protocols, implementing absence tracking systems, upskilling managers to discuss absence concerns with employees and analysing absence trends. Additionally we offer advice on managing long-term absences, providing return-to-work support, and implementing strategies to reduce absenteeism, ultimately improving attendance and productivity within the organisation.

Performance management

How to implement effective performance management?

Performance management aims to maintain or improve a employees performance in line with organisational objectives. Albany HR can provide expertise in designing and implementing effective performance management systems. Helping to develop performance evaluation frameworks, establish clear performance goals and metrics, and create a performance appraisal processes. Ensure a two-way discussion with regular feedback on progress. We also offer guidance on providing constructive feedback, coaching and development plans, and aligning individual performance with organisational objectives, ultimately improving overall performance and employee engagement.

Conflict management

Conflict management is used to handle conflicts with fairness and efficiency. We can support you in offering impartial and objective perspectives on the situation, conducting thorough investigations to identify the root causes of conflicts, and developing effective strategies to resolve conflicts. We also provide mediation services which facilitates communication between the parties involved. Our expertise can help you to navigate conflicts professionally and minimise their negative impact on the workplace.

Redundancy and restructuring

Redundancy and restructuring process: we provide expert guidance, best practice and compliance knowledge. We can assist in creating fair and transparent selection criteria, managing the communication process with affected employees, and offering support services such as outplacement assistance. We can help you to navigate these challenging times while minimising disruption and maintaining positive employee relations.