3. Get your structure and strategy right

You need to get your organisation design right for your business to be truly successful. We work with you to understand your culture, goals, and challenges, then co-create and implement a People Strategy to support your success. This can include helping you determine your vision and values, the culture you want to have or retain, and creating a detailed plan to thrive in all of these areas.

How we help:

Organisation and job design

Our expertise can guide your business in creating an efficient and well-structured organisation that optimises employee performance, fosters growth, and aligns with business objectives. The organisation structure should be effective and aligned with the business strategy. We can provide recommendations for potential changes, such as departmental realignment, team restructuring, or the creation of new roles, to optimise efficiency and collaboration within the organisation.

Effective job design contributes to the achievement of organisational objectives, motivation, and employee satisfaction – so it is really important to get this right! We can perform job analysis to identify the key responsibilities, required skills, qualifications, and competencies for each role. Based on this analysis, we can help design job descriptions, ensuring clarity in roles and responsibilities while aligning them with the overall organisational objectives

People strategy

Do we need a people strategy?

A people strategy is a great way to plan for attracting, developing, and retaining talent, fostering employee engagement, and creating a positive workplace culture. By having a people strategy in place, your employees become your strategic advantage, drive productivity and innovation, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth and success.


Can you help us restructure?

Business must be able to adapt and change to meet new demands and ever shifting priorities. Restructuring or change management is usually initiated to improve or transform a business, which can have a huge impact on employees. A HR consultant can support the business in effectively managing this change by developing a communication plan, conducting training sessions, and providing guidance on change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions and employee buy-in.

Albany HR can work with stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the area, department or process you are looking to restructure. Next, we help you to identify areas that require improvement or realignment, such as roles, reporting lines, departments, or functions. Collaboratively develop a well-defined restructure plan, including clear objectives, communication strategies, change management initiatives, and a timeline.

Handling redundancies

As a business you may be faced with making job roles redundant and wondering how to manage the process. We have the knowledge and experience in managing the complexities of redundancies, including legal compliance, employee consultation, and fair selection processes.

Managing the redundancy process includes identifying the need for redundancies, seeking volunteers, conducting a fair selection process based on objective criteria, consulting with affected employees individually or through employee representatives, offering suitable alternative employment where possible, providing adequate notice periods, and offering redundancy payments in accordance with statutory entitlements or contractual agreements.

Handling redundancies sensitively can make a huge difference to your reputation, for employees who are made redundant and those who stay on in your organisation. The process can be hard for everyone involved and you can look at ways to support affected employees through counselling and outplacement support and advice. You should ensure support is offered to employees who stay with the organisation as they may be feeling survivors guilt.


What makes a successful recruitment process?

Getting recruitment right is key for any organisation as. Our consultants can help you to attract and hire the most suitable candidate. We can support with tasks such as job analysis and description development, sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, coordinating reference checks, and providing guidance on selection decisions.